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Career growth and opportunities are available to employees based on their ability to complete engagements efficiently and effectively.  We provide continuing professional education to support the growth of staff knowledge and skills.  We welcome employees to show leadership skills and present a desire to expand their role in the firm.

We work towards achieving a work/life balance by allowing to work the hours per week of their choice.  Changes in employee schedules are provided with enough advance warning to meet our current client service requirements.  We also have a firm philosophy against working overtime hours.  Most of our staff members work 30-40 hours per week; however, we currently have one engagement during the year that requires longer hours.

In order to provide a satisfying work environment; our firm provides competitive salaries and benefits based on skill level and experience, provides a wide range of client experiences, and fosters positive communication.  Benefits include: vacation and leave time, health insurance, and a retirement plan with the firm matching 100% up to 3% of salary.  We have many different types of clients including nonprofit organizations, government entities, employee benefit plans, and other types of organizations.  Due to the size of our clients, our staff members are able to see all aspects of client activities and perform all areas of engagements.  Through monthly meetings, open door policies, and firm-sponsored activities, our staff members enjoy an open and friendly atmosphere.

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