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​Montemayor Britton Bender PC, Certified Public Accountants is a local firm based in Austin, Texas.  Arturo (Archie) Montemayor III was conferred a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin on August 19, 1985, and was hired by the accounting and management consulting firm of GrantThornton International.  While at GrantThornton International, Mr. Montemayor was promoted to Audit Senior and was the key client contact and in-charge auditor for many nonprofit clients.  In January 1991, Mr. Montemayor joined Garcia & Sprouse as audit manager where he continued his development in the nonprofit sector.  In January 1995, Mr. Montemayor was admitted as partner. 

In September of 1996, Mr. Montemayor established a certified public accounting practice unit under his own name and is currently classified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) as certified by the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 

Mr. Montemayor has over 30 years experience with audits in accordance with U.S. generally accepted auditing standards for nonprofit organizations, governmental organizations, employee benefit plans, and for-profit entities.  During this time the firm has become involved in the community serving as auditors, consultants, and seminar presenters. Mr. Montemayor continues to be active engagement principal for the majority of the firm’s audits.

In January 2013, Stacy Britton, CPA and Sean Bender, CPA were admitted as Shareholders in the corporation and service as Assurance Principals.  In January 2020 Danielle Guerrero was admitted as Shareholder and Assurance Principal. In January 2024, Sara Carey , CPA  was admitted as Shareholder and Assurance Principal. Ms. Britton, Mr. Bender, Ms. Guerrero, and Ms. Carey had served for several years as audit managers in the firm.  During the span of their audit experience, Ms. Britton, Mr. Bender, Ms. Guerrero, and Ms. Carey have gained extensive experience in nonprofit organizations and governmental entities, including audits under the requirements of the Uniform Guidance (Single Audit Act).

All of the CPAs in our firm are licensed by the State of Texas.  Our firm is licensed as a practice unit by the State of Texas.  Our audits are planned and performed to meet the objectives and criteria of the applicable audit standards, with minimum disruption of our clients’ ongoing operating activities.  We also provide guidance for our clients to prepare as much documentation as possible to reduce professional time required to complete the audit.  At the conclusion of our audits, we issue separate reports to management describing the conduct of the audit and presenting recommendations for improving internal controls and operating efficiency.

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